Removal Of Breast Implants

When you first decide to have a breast implant, it never crosses your mind that you may want to have it removed in future. However, removal of breast implant may turn out to be necessary due to a myriad of health reasons. The reasons vary but the number of women who want to have breast implants removed every year is high- 40,000.

One of the main reasons for removal of breast implants is capsular contracture. The other reason is cosmetic dissatisfaction which needs revisit breast augmentation. Other reasons include implant shifting, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, wrinkling, asymmetry, deflation or rupture. It is also worth noting that some women may have a negative reaction to the implant resulting to an infection or bleeding while others may develop breast cancer necessitating the removal of the implant.

Removal Of Breast Implants

Removal Of Breast Implants

Removal of the breast implant is normally done with the patient sedated with the general anesthesia or a combination of IV sedation and local anesthesia. It is a short procedure taking about half an hour to complete. The operation is performed in an outpatient surgical center and the costs range from $1000 to $4000 on average depending on the facility chosen.

An incision is placed directly beneath the breast or directly next to the nipple or through it. This is normally the incision through which breast augmentation surgery was done. The implant needs to be removed while intact if it is a silicon one. Otherwise if it is a saline one, the doctor may decide to first deflate it for easier removal.

The capsule may also need to be removed in some cases. The procedure is known as capsulectomy and is performed in the following cases:

If the implant is not being replaced
If a new breast implant is to be implanted in a new position
If the new implant is bigger than the original one
If the new implant is of a different texture or type.

If the breast implants are not being replaces, the pockets where the original ones were will seal over time. This happens quickly if the patient wears compression garment or breast support which minimizes the chances of the pocket getting filled with fluid.

Many women recover quickly after the removal of breast implant. They can resume part of their normal life after a few days and recover fully in 2-3 weeks. In some cases, the body may require up to several months before it is fully healed. The woman must therefore be very careful to avoid developing complications such as bleeding, infections or loss of sensation.

Like all other forms of surgery, removal of breast implants has some risks. These include breast sagging, infection, loose skin, loss of sensation in the nipples, scarring, anesthesia complications as well as psychological and emotional issues caused by factors like reduction of breast size.

The removal of breast implants is a simple and quick procedure with few risks involved. If you are uncomfortable with your breast implants, you should consult your doctor. Removal is necessary if you are not satisfied at all with your breast augmentation or you have developed complications. You must do proper research and consult your doctor before opting for removal of the implants.