Pictures Of Breast

Using Pictures Of Breast To Determine The Size And Shape Of The Breast Implants

Pictures Of Breast

Pictures Of Breast

Women who decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery are faced with some critical decisions to make. To start with, they must select the kind of material that will be used for the breast implant. Silicone or saline implants are the most common. Secondly, a decision has to be made on the shape and size of the implants. Ideally, there is no wrong or right size for breast implants. It all depends on a person’s taste and preference. It is not advisable to simply pick out a shape and size without making a few considerations. Mentioned below are some tips that women can use to select the best shape and size of the breast implant.

Pictures of Breast sizes and shapes

By looking at the pictures of other women’s breasts, you will be able to select a size and shape that meets your preference. It is always advisable to discuss the options with your cosmetic surgeon after you identify size that suits your body. The surgeon should see the picture that you have chosen since this will help him or her visualize exactly what you want. During the surgery, the picture of the breast you have chosen may be displayed in the room. This guides the surgeon as he or she continues with the procedure.

Try out different breast sizes

The plastic surgeon will definitely have different breast sizes that you can try on. This is a good approach for those who do not know the best breast size and shape for their specific body. Feel free to place the implants inside your bra so as to determine whether they are the right size.

The Rice Test

It is worth noting that the size of the breast implants is measured by the volume in cubic meters of the implant and not the size of the bra. The rice test can help in determining the actual size of the implant. Women should consider the impact of the weight of the breast implant on the body. The rice test can help in determining this impact. It can be performed by utilizing a measuring cup and filling a small bag of rice. The bag should then be worn in the bra. A quarter cup will be equivalent to the weight of a 59 cc implant while a half cup will equate to 118 cc. After wearing the rice bags for one or two days, you will have an idea of the size of the breast implant.

Keep in mind that the size of the breast implant is not the actual breast size. The implant is a single component of the breast size. Women have variations in the breast tissue and body type. By showing the doctor a picture of the breast size and shape you want, you will be close to achieving your desired results.

Selecting the shape of your breast implant is easier as compared to choosing the size. There are usually two main options, which are tear drop and round shaped implant. Round shape is circular while the tear drop appears more natural. Always share your thoughts with your plastic surgeon who will guide you further.